That Dreaded In-Law Word

That Dreaded In-Law Word

I don’t know how many of you wives out there can admit this. But I have to say that I LOVE my “in-laws”! I was extremely blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my husbands family. Each and every one of them! When someone gets married it seems like the word “in-law” is a taboo word that needs to be avoided at all cost along with the person. Most daughter-in-laws don’t actually get to call their in-law parents “mom” and “dad”, or get to enjoy talking to their sibling-in-laws like their own. So I like to brag on my on occasion, but as much as I can talk about them all day, I’m only going to honor ONE with this post. I have to say, that she is the most amazing of all of them. Sorry Bascom family, but mom’s at the top of the list.

That’s right, my mother in law is one of the most amazing women that a person would be so lucky to befriend. Being the wife of a retired  Veteran, she was able to travel and see a lot of the world. So let me tell you, she has some AMAZING stories. Plus she is a wonderful storyteller. I could listen to her talk all day!

She LOVES books! Really, I think she’d be happy to live in a library, as long as it had lots of art and big bathrooms. Wait, I pretty much described her home…

Speaking of art, she’s one that helps to really inspire a lot of my own creations, and is often times my thinking partner, when her thinking juice isn’t zapped by her high school students. Yay, for summer time now!

Yep, she’s a high school teacher. And living in such a small town she teaches History, which is her love, Art,  and Psychology to name a few. When you live in a small town, teachers are spread thin. And let me tell you, she’s one of the best teachers that a student could have. She sees to every child’s needs and plans her lessons to fit each and everyone.

What a busy woman! And my favorite of all….

She treats me like one of her own daughters and I can feel the love and care that she gives me. My own mother passed away a few years back. No one can ever fill that void, but my mother-in-law is the best mother figuore that I could ever dreamed possible.  Thank you mom! I love you!

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