Rebecca’s Birthday

Rebecca’s Birthday

When are the best days to honor someone in your life? Everyday! Be happy for another day that you are given the gift of life along with a loved one and make the most of it! Every day is a special one, try to make every minute count and choose to be happy. But, if we have to have a one special day for someone to be honored, their birthday is definitely the day to celebrate.

I’m gonna take a moment to honor my sister in law for a moment before I get to these super fun porcupine earrings, so stay with me or scroll down:

Have I mentioned that I have the best family ever? In laws and outlaws all around.Ha! Really, I definitely thank God for great family. In my “married into” side of the family we have a fun little tradition. We definitely all LOVE presents of course, and this family is awesome gift givers, but we always like to share a favorite memory of the birthday person.

I definitely have the worst memory ever and can’t remember what happened last week, but I definitely love some memories at my sister in law Rebecca’s house. She and her family had just moved from their cute little tiny house into a very large beautiful one that I am totally jealous over. And in our family, we have made it possible to swap every year to have Christmas with each side of the family. The year she moved into her new house, we were invited to come over for Christmas along with grandparents that no one had spent much time with in many years. It was the best Christmas ever! Thank you Rebecca!

Also another little memory of mine about her was that she had her cell phone ring sound as a recording of her cute baby boy crying. He really did have the cutest little WAH ever! It wasn’t even like a real baby cry but almost doll like. With her as a full time working momma, it made me look up to her that much more that she loved her baby so much. I love you Becca! Your are an amazing mom and you always have so much good going for you. How do you do it all? Thank you for being a great sister to look up to!

Okay, I can talk about her all day, but lets see what I made her.

Did you read my post on How to collect and prepare porcupine quills?  Go ahead a read that to so you know a little bit about quills. It definitely helps, and a little more knowledge every day is always wonderful!

So I have ready my tools:

  • a jewelry, beading landing pliers set
  • Walmart brand chain and 20 gauge wire
  • delica beads
  • porcupine quills


I cut 2 peices of chain and shaped 2 earring hooks with my 20 gauge wire

Cut a small piece of your wire, I did mine about 3″, make a loop on one end to hook securely on a link on the chain that you now have just attached to your earring hook, and thread onto the wire beads and a porcupine quill in a patter of your choosing and secure the end with another small loop in the wire.

Continue this same size of quill and beads to place on every other link in the chain till you get your desired length. It will have a natural “cascading down” look to it and be very natural. You may have to tweak your wire just a bit to make them straight and align right, but other than that it’s pretty easy peasy! Especially if you prepare you porcupine quill right. Still take it nice and slow going through the quill though till you’re all the way through. Quills are a little fragile and can split easily. But once on a wire they should stay on nice and strong and not have any issues at all!

Hope you like these Becca! Love you sis and thanks for having another birthday!

Want some porcupine quills? See if I have any for you in my Etsy shop.

Here is my affiliate link to buy some wire from if you’d like to try this.



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    1. Hi Noelle! Yes. After the ends are cut off of the quill, the quill acts just like a bugel bead. It’s just a little tougher and you have to be gentle otherwise you’ll split or poke out the side of the quill. Did you look at my other blog bost on how to “collect and prepare porcupine quills”? There is a little more explaination on that. Good luck!

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